Enhance your retail experience and increase your sales by transforming your data into convenient, custom apps. 

Retailers need mobile apps now more than ever, and AppSheet makes creating them affordable and easy. Our platform allows you to improve your customers' shopping experience by enabling you to build an e-commerce app, manage inventory, keep tabs on customer contacts, and much more.

Mobile apps for retailers and retail store managers:

Try it for yourself! Copy and customize any of our retail and e-commerce apps below. 

Product Catalog

A useful app for a sales representative with a catalog of products.

Ecommerce Store

A mobile storefront app for an independent e-commerce merchant.

Store Inventory

An app for store inventory management. Sort products by unique categories.

Sales Report

A sales report sample app with helpful visual graphs driven by sales data.

Order Capture

An app for a salesperson add customers, orders, and product details.