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Take as much time as you need while building your secure business app prototype for free using features from any plan level with up to 10 users testing your app and providing feedback. When you're ready, subscribe to a plan to deploy apps to the rest of your team. 

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Build secure, feature-rich business applications from basic data sources.


Grow with multiple data sources, automation, and enhanced security.


Secure, advanced performance and integrations for mission-critical enterprise apps.

Monthly price $5 /active user/mo
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$10 /active user/mo
Start for Free
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Secure app sign-in via Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Box, and Smartsheet
Photos, signatures, and GPS capture
Forms, checklists, and quick edits
Calendar, maps, galleries, and tables
Interactive dashboards and charts
Email, SMS, and push notifications
Custom branding and format rules
Localization and custom user settings
Background data syncing and offline mode
PII data management


Need Public Apps?

Publicly accessible applications that don't contain sensitive data and don't require user sign-in can be created with an AppSheet Publisher Pro subscription. These apps include the feature sets of the Pro Plan, but do not include user sign-in options or the use of security filters. Publisher Pro apps can be used by an unlimited number of users for $50/mo/app. Learn more


Pay for What You Need

AppSheet only invoices per licensed users. If app usage exceeds expectations, we'll give you notice before increasing charges.


Enterprise Ready Platform

AppSheet Business Subscriptions deliver everything you need to build, publish, and manage mobile apps at scale. We've designed these plans with scale in mind, whether you are creating apps for large numbers of users, require enhanced security, or want to manage teams of app creators. Learn more

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create, update, or delete my subscription? Learn more

What can I do for free?

Use the complete set of AppSheet features for free while building one or many app prototypes. Invite up to 10 users for free to use your apps and share feedback.

What is an active user?

An active user is any user who runs an app at least once a month. AppSheet counts the number of active users to determine how many user licenses are required for a monthly subscription.

How do I start my subscription?

Visit the Billing settings in the 'My Account' section of the platform. Choose the plan level based on the features your apps require. You can also update the number of app user licenses and your credit card details.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can change your plan or number of licenses at any time. You can even revert back to prototyping for free and we'll prorate your billing.

Where can I monitor my app usage levels?

An overview of all your app usage is available in the 'My Account' section of the platform, within the 'App Info' tab. Detailed app usage is also available in the app editor in the Manage section within the Monitor tab of each app.

How does Business Subscription pricing work?

Business Subscriptions enable a suite of performance and management features for organizations with cross-departmental app creators. Business Subscription pricing is based on your unique requirements. Connect with the AppSheet team to learn more.

Where can I see my invoices?

Monthly subscriptions are automatically invoiced, and transaction history is available in the Billing tab of 'My Account'.

Is there a discount for non-profits?

Yes, we offer discounts for educational and non-profit organizations with verification of tax-exempt status.

How long do I have to test features?

As long as you'd like. We encourage you to try out all the features of the platform in the prototype phase for one or multiple apps.

How often does AppSheet bill subscribers?

Billing is based on your plan and will either occur monthly or annually.

If I’m a Google Workspace Enterprise customer, what do I have access to?

Google Workspace Enterprise Plus users who create AppSheet apps will be entitled to create and publish apps with AppSheet PRO features to other G Suite Enterprise Plus users of the same organization at no additional cost. Other Google Workspace customers will have access to AppSheet's free tier, which allows the user to create prototype applications at no cost. For any other AppSheet subscription type, you’ll need to make an additional purchase.

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