Maps & Locations

Automatically capture & display location data

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Understand Business Movement

Help field teams keep the business informed. You can easily create apps that automatically capture locations when data is entered and display it in maps for real-time updates.


Coordinate Remote Teams

Distribute information to the right people at the right time. Use their location and geofencing to provide the most relevant data to your users.

Create for Any Environment

If you are dealing with locations, then your data should be shown in a map. AppSheet lets you create applications with powerful mapping functions like shape files and custom maps for indoor mapping and blueprint guides. 


GPS Location Capture

Create apps that use the device location capabilities to provide a richer experience and accelerate how work is done. You can add powerful features like geo-fencing, location capture, location log, and distances to your apps, all done in minutes.


Custom Formatted Points

Use conditional formatting rules to build dynamically-styled maps with point styles that update based on corresponding data.


Indoor & Outdoor Maps

Plots locations on public Google Maps or use custom map layers to plot points within buildings or project sites.


Custom Map Shape Layers

Apply KML shape layers to any map, adding context and reference points for application users.


Point Grouping & Filtering

Smart point clustering and custom formatting allows for high numbers of points to be plotted on a single map and still be easy to use in the field on a mobile device, or back in the office on a desktop.


Proximity & Geo-fencing

Filter relevant content based on the app users' location, allowing them to streamline and prioritize their work.

Facility Inspections

Facility Inspections

Use this template to get started with a custom indoor map layer.

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Amtrak Stations

Use this template to get started with custom point formatting & KML layers.

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U.S. National Parks

Use this template to get started with custom map point grouping.

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State Boundaries

Use this template to get started with KML layers & formatted map points.

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Use any location data to create a map application in minutes

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