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Intelligence Built-in

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Search Intelligently

Use natural language to search your apps and give commands to your applications, making it easier to quickly interact with data in the field, or in the office.


Automatically Extract Data

Capture and annotate images that can be displayed in-app, sent as notifications, incorporated into generated documents, or made available via shared data sources.

Classify & Forecast

Build predictive models that learn to generalize from historical app data, giving you the ability to forecast values and predict trends—without requiring any experience to get started.


Smart Search Assistant

Use natural language to give intricate queries and commands to your applications for easier interactions with your data.


Trend Predictions

Predictive models powered by machine learning algorithms learn to generalize from historical app data, giving you the ability to forecast values and predict trends.


Content Classification

AppSheet’s classification capabilities enable you to categorize content, assign tags and labels, and apply sentiment scores.


Sentiment Analysis

Train models to interpret qualitative categories of new data based on existing information or publicly available datasets.


Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition identifies text, handwriting, and other structured information from images, letting users speed up data entry, reduce transcription errors, and create digital workflows from paper-based systems.


Data Extraction

Intelligent data extraction expressions help identify and organize data points like prices, emails, dates, etc. for automatic processing, reducing the time required to clean data.

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