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AppSheet Solutions

Discover how AppSheet solves real business problems
for app creators across industries and job functions.

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Industry Role


Increase agricultural and output by leveraging customized, powerful mobile apps that work offline in the field, or wherever you work.



Create powerful construction apps that  help you manage your team as a general contractor. Use AppSheet to generate automated contracts and construction calculators, manage invoices, and streamline documentation.



Manage the complexities of an on-the-go energy business with a suite of AppSheet apps. Apps function offline to ensure that your field workers can stay productive wherever they are. 



Build, publish, and manage healthcare apps to support operations from the emergency room to the front office. Build apps to manage medical inventory, track patients, handle emergency dispatching, and more. 



Attention to detail and customer service are key to boosting your bottom line in the hospitality business. AppSheet empowers you to use your data to enhance customer experience, manage staff, track sales, and much more.



Improve manufacturing productivity and capacity with custom apps that manage inventory, simplify work orders, streamline inspections, and more.



Create mobile apps to empower your nonprofit, educational institution, or classroom. Conduct field operations, manage donations, empower students, and more. We offer a substantial discount to nonprofit organizations to help you get the job done on a budget.

Nonprofits and Education


Manage properties, tenants, documents, and repairs with apps that keep your data secure and synchronized with your back-end database.

Property Management


Build, publish, and manage apps to support public sector work and operations on any level — from city and county to state and federal offices.

Public Sector


Build ecommerce apps to improve how your customers' shop, enhance the retail experience, and increase sales. Get started today by managing inventory, tracking customer contacts, and more.

Retail and Ecommerce



AppSheet helps developers, IT pros, and managers transform data into powerful mobile apps. Whether you're building apps to support the IT team or the entire enterprise, AppSheet's platform helps simplify the job.

Developers and IT Professionals


AppSheet helps sales and marketing professionals create greater efficiency and team collaboration. Build high-quality, custom apps which allow individuals and teams to access the right data at the right time. 

Sales and Marketing


Business operations involve moving parts, pieces, data, and personnel. The AppSheet platform helps business analysts and operators integrate every system to turn data into insights and action.

Business Operations


AppSheet's platform allows savvy HR leader to build and manage employee onboarding, contract generation, and people management apps. 

HR and People Management


Customer Stories


"As we continued to learn about different aspects of AppSheet, different functions, it was like a snowball. It just began to create more ideas. We would find something else that was really cool. And we still do today. The more we use it, the more we learn, the better we are." -Mark Creighton, Operations Manager at Husqvarna (Fortune 500 Manufacturer)

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Solvay-logo_200x72 (1)

With employees located in 61 countries, digitizing operations beyond pen and paper was not a luxury. Over time, Francis Boulu and the team Solvay adopted AppSheet across the enterprise and have now deployed over 1,000 production apps to support various components of the manufacturing operations process.

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Forrester names AppSheet a "leader in the low-code development space."

"The AppSheet platform stood out as a powerful facilitator for business users with little to no programming knowledge to create apps in a matter of minutes."

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Trust Center

Security and privacy are core functions of the AppSheet platform. Earning and keeping the trust of our app creators and users is at the foundation of our platform.

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Design and Architecture

This white paper introduces the design and architecture of the AppSheet platform. Readers will gain an understanding of the AppSheet operating infrastructure, platform architecture, information architecture, and security model

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