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AppSheet for Education

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100% discount for teachers using AppSheet in the Classroom

AppSheet is the trusted platform for building, publishing and managing education apps to support schools and universities. Promote innovation and agility in your organization while ensuring security and strong governance. 

  • For school management apps, take 50% off through our program for non-profits and educational institutions.
  • For teachers utilizing AppSheet in classroom curriculum, apply for our 100% discount.

If you're new to AppSheet, be sure to explore the basics of how to create an app.




Easily receive and grade class assignments. Create an app for students to submit homework, reports, and more. Click here to preview a sample app. 


driverdispatchHelp students plan tasks and improve productivity. Create a planner app to plan on-the-go. Click here to view our Assignment Manager template.


classassignmentsMake life easier. Stay mobile and connect with other educators and students. Thousands of innovators use AppSheet to be more productive. 


"Today’s students seem to live on their devices. If educators can bring the learning to them, we might create more engagement. With AppSheet, I've been able to develop a mobile app for our learners with our syllabus, links to daily warm-ups and formative practice, along with much more."  -Rik Rowe, Math Teacher
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Empower Your Team

AppSheet allows everyone in the organizers to create apps. Users can solve long neglected problems while IT focuses on mission-critical projects.

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Increase Productivity

More apps created in a fraction of the time with AppSheet’s no-code development platform. Reduce project backlogs and costs while boosting productivity.

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Centralize Management

Create, deliver, and manage secure apps. Accelerate the application development lifecycle while safeguarding sensitive student data.



Forrester Wave Report

Forrester names AppSheet a "leader in the low-code development space."
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Case Study

“There’s no telling how many employee hours we have saved throughout the week for a lot of people at the main office, food services, administration, all the way down to teachers. People are saving a lot of time using the apps.” -Preston Moore
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Sample Apps

Start building today with a collection of sample apps for every industry and every common use case.
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From big-picture progress to detailed execution, AppSheet helps education leaders focus on what matters most.

Get started with AppSheet for Education

100% discount for teachers using AppSheet in the Classroom