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AppSheet’s intelligent, no-code app development platform enables anyone to quickly create high-performance applications that are custom-built to fit a business’ exact needs. Hundreds of thousands of applications, ranging in complexity and purpose, have been created on the platform.

The platform is intelligent and learns:

  • From the schema/model of every app.
  • From the data the app supports.
  • From the app interactions of every user.

The insights the platform gains enable it to make increasingly meaningful suggestions throughout the app creation process and beyond.

No-Code, Intent-Driven

Unlike code-driven platforms, AppSheet is a no-code, intent-driven platform: it understands the intent of the app being built which makes the creation and customization process much easier.

Start for Free


Start with data, an idea, or a sample app

Make apps directly from data stored in the cloud, Spec out your idea, or copy one of AppSheet’s sample apps.

Let the platform go to work for you

A first iteration of the app is created within minutes. Customize and deploy it--all without writing a single line of code.

Deploy to users

Publish apps instantly and share with the team. Use the apps across a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, and web browsers.

Intelligent, AI-Forward Technology

AppSheet’s technology-forward platform and incorporation of rich AI features transform how app creators build apps and how their users interact with those apps. Instead of users having to conform to the platform, the platform conforms to the users: design intelligence features simplify the creation process while app intelligence features promote a rich user experience. Creators and users benefit from AI-forward features like Spec, a natural language interface for building apps, or Smart Assistant, an automatic conversational UI for apps.


Design Intelligence simplifies the app
building process for Creators

Auto-creation: What’s the intent of the app you are creating?

Suggestions: How can I help make the app better?

Spec: How can I make the creation process easier?


App Intelligence promotes a rich
experience for App Users

Multi-platform: How do you want to interact with the app?

Business assistant: How do you want to communicate with the app?

Predictor: What additional data can help the decision-making process?

All the features you need to build powerful business apps that deliver rich user experiences


Collect: Create rich and powerful form apps that save everyone's time.

Collaborate: Keep your team informed with push notifications, emails and workflow automation.

Analyze: Include dashboards, charts, galleries, and machine learning capabilities in the apps you create.


Digitize Forms & Manual Data Collection

Save time and have more control of data collected in the field.

Keep Data Directly In Your Sheets or Servers

No need to export, all the data captured on AppSheet apps will be synced back to the sources you already own.


Capture Images, Add Annotations

With a click of a button, enable image capture and annotation features in your app.

Scan Barcodes, QR Codes & NFC Tags

Out of the box barcode and NFC capabilities, without the need to . write a single line of code.


Accept Signatures, Prefill Contact Details

You can add powerful automation features to any of your forms, and enrich them with easy to use image, signature, and drawing capabilities.

Log GPS Coordinates & Display Dynamic Maps

Powerful location-based apps are a couple of clicks away. You visualize location data in maps, drop pins to select locations, or automatically capture the location of the app user.