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Benefits of Sharing Your Story

Increase Brand Awareness

AppSheet has over 300,000 app users as well as potential users – all interested in mobile apps. They'll read your post on our blog and social media networks. A large readership translates to more awareness about you and your company.

Exclusive Access To Our CEO

A 30-minute call with AppSheet's CEO is the perfect opportunity to share your app ideas, get pointers on app creation tips and, in general, share your suggestions and feedback on where AppSheet is going and what support you need.

Transform the Way People Work

AppSheet strives to transform the way people work, with or without spreadsheets or computers. Sharing your innovative app journey inspires others on their app creation journey. 

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Alejandro Lamothe, Consultant, Texas
Alejandro created a field survey and intelligence app for the San Antonio mayoral campaign. Within two weeks, canvassers reached around 35,000 individuals. They used his app to collect voters' information and analyze data with a visualization dashboard and Google Maps. Alejandro describes his app creation process as "enchanting". Read Alejandro's story here.
Yoann Berno, Catalyst, Switzerland
Yoann's company, Catalyst, built an app to help Niegerian Rural Electrification Agency (NREA) tackle energy poverty in Nigeria, where 95 million people live without electricity. The NREA manages 200+ projects with the app, which shows projects by state and by development stage, and sends notifications to track key deadlines. Read Yoann's story here.
Pablo head shot update.jpg
Pablo Balerio, DANK SA, Uruguay
To keep track of inventory at two different manufacturing processes, sawmill DANK SA used to manually count how many blocks they had in each bin. They had to check twice a day (30-40 minutes/count). CFO Pablo Balerio made an app to automate inventory tracking. Now, workers and managers at both processes have access to real-time inventory data. Read Pablo's story here.