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There are more than a billion people in the world who could use custom mobile apps to be more productive at work. However, whether in a large corporation or in a small business, it has proven way too expensive, complicated, and time-consuming to build apps with traditional code-based programming.

We've taken a different approach by creating an intelligent, declarative, "no-code" app platform. Our mission is to empower all those people to innovate, to create apps themselves, and to use those apps every day with their teams.


Arthur Product Manager

As a product manager, Arthur loves to facilitate decision making across business, engineering, design and data. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. He enjoys traveling the world and climbing the mountains of the PNW.

Phil Dev

Phil has decades of experience as a software engineer at Tandem and Microsoft, working on enterprise software, video processing, and mobile systems. He has enjoyed retired life on a sailboat in the Pacific, until that got too boring so he joined AppSheet. Go figure!

Joe Dev

Joe's main focus is to help our customers access the power of machine learning in their apps. He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia. When he has spare time, Joe enjoys dancing (swing, blues, and contra) and crazy-complicated board games.

Tony Dev

Tony is a developer with a background in machine learning and natural language processing. He has a PhD in computer science from UW. When he's not looking at screenfuls of data, he can be found cooking beans or riding his bike.

Adam Dev

Adam is a front end web developer with a deep knowledge of javascript / React and a passion for helping customers. He also has a PhD in materials science and spent time abroad (Japan / France) working as a researcher.

Gil Dev

Gil is a mobile developer who is passionate about building high-quality apps. He has degrees in Physics and in Material Engineering. In his free time, he likes to go on long runs, solve coding challenges and read.

Nico Dev

Nico is a Computer Science grad from the Canadian UW, University of Waterloo. He enjoys web development and solving technical challenges. In his spare time, he plays ice hockey and tries to learn 中文 (Chinese).

Morgan Dev

Morgan is an engineer and designer who focuses primarily on Human-Computer Interaction, where he designs, builds, and evaluates new user-interface software technologies. On his spare time, he's likely hanging out with his girlfriend and their dog, or playing drums in his band.

Harry Dev

Harry enjoys reading and writing, both in English and in code. In his free time, he plays the piano and fantasizes about becoming a concert pianist. His more practical ambition, however, is to start his own busines and build a new search engine, or "knowledge engine" that would reinvent education.

Josh Dev

Josh is software developer with a love for statistics. He got his start as an informatics scientist, then moved on to building service oriented architecture like Amazon:Go. Otherwise he can be found playing guitar or drums, reading sci-fi/fantasy books, and spending time with his wife and 2 boys.

Steve Dev

Steve holds a computer science degree from Northwestern. Outside of the office, he plays guitar and builds microcontrollers. His reading interests include history, philosophy, and psychoanalysis.

Carie UX Product Designer

Carie is a product designer with a passion for creating thoughtful, engaging, and highly polished interfaces. When she is not meticulously adjusting keyframes, she's traveling traveling, drawing, mountain biking, or hanging out with her dog, Tofu.

Praveen CEO

Over Praveen's career, he has pursued the "dream" of declarative end-user programming in various incarnations. In a previous life, he was a CS professor at Cornell. And in another, he was a partner engineering manager at Microsoft in the SQLServer and Bing teams.

Brian Co-founder/CTO

Brian is passionate about shipping software and solving problems. He has led teams focused on cloud data and mobility, including SQL Server Mobile and SQL Azure. He has worked at Microsoft, and Hulu as well as cofounding several startups.

Thierry VP of Engineering

Thierry leads product and engineering, helping it get ready to grow aggressively over the next few years. When not at work you can find him in Chelan and other various outdoor places offering hiking, Kayaking, snowshoeing or skiing opportunities.


Peter Director of Product Marketing

Peter loves helping teams use new technology to run more efficiently. His background is with SaaS companies like Sprout Social and Zipwhip. He enjoys spending his free time roaming the north cascades with his dog Bo.

David Senior Marketing Manager

David is a marketer who enjoys data analysis to understand user behavior in an effort to create, measure, and optimize digital marketing. When he is not diving deep into digital he spends his time tinkering, cooking, and playing with his two sons.

Phuong Product Marketing Manager

Phuong is passionate about leveraging data and machine learning to enhance the user experience. He previously led monetization efforts at AppNexus. He enjoys spending time with his family, avoiding triple bogeys on the golf course, and traveling the world.

Kären Marketing Operations Manager

Kären is passionate about providing process and technology to help people do their best work. Her background includes Microsoft, Code Climate, and The Monster Board. In her spare time she enjoys stage managing, gardening, and trapeze.

Nancy Content Marketing Lead

Nancy loves telling the AppSheet story. Previously, Nancy has worked at Microsoft, Booking.com, and an array of startups. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. In her free time, Nancy writes and consumes elevated levels of pop culture.

Chris Product Marketing Manager

Chris focuses on driving success between marketing and sales and equipping customers with the help and resources they need to take their apps to the next level. Outside of work, Chris spends his time whitewater kayaking, skiing, and exploring the outdoors.

Jennifer Product Marketing Manager, User Adoption

Jennifer is a nomadic Seattle native who is passionate about humanizing technology and making it accessible to all. In her spare time, she can be found shark diving, hiking with her dog, researching the latest trends in anthropology, or entertaining friends.

Santiago Chief Marketing Officer

Santiago loves building partnerships and driving customer adoption. Prior to AppSheet, Santiago worked at Microsoft, got an MBA from CMU and worked in international trade development in New York and Colombia.

Mary VP of Corporate Communications & Business Development

Mary's worked for startups and larger public companies. A graduate of Stanford University, she is a passionate marketer, mentor, writer, and reader (great works of fiction and non-).


Kamila Sales Operations Manager

Kamila’s accelerates the success of the sales team through enablement, data, and smooth operations. She draws from an early-stage startup incubator experience and a Chemical Engineering background. In her free time, she tries to expand any skillset she can get her hands on such as playing the piano.

Ryan Strategic Account Manager

Ryan is our resident outdoor adventurer and customer champion, helping our users find growth and success in all their app development needs. When he's not busy in office, he enjoys camping, hiking, and exploring all that our beautiful world has to offer.

Rich Solutions Consultant

Rich enjoys tinkering with new technologies that could be used to improve business processes. He ran Amazon’s maintenance startup program for more than 100 new fulfillment centers. He also enjoys the outdoors with his family, gardening and coaching people on the value of cryptocurrencies.

William Account Executive

William has 8+ years improving businesses' efficiency, productivity, and success. William enjoys volunteering for the Space Generation Advisory Council to the UN and learning more about innovations in science and technology.

Derek Solutions Consultant

Derek is a problem solver who loves creating apps that enable people to realize their vision. He has a master's degree in Aerospace Engineering with a specialization in fluid dynamics. Outside the office, he is an avid alpine climber.

Ginny Account Executive

Ginny has a passion for problem-solving and for helping customers improve efficiency. You can find her spending time with family, hiking and exploring the PNW, and cheering on her hometown Chicago sports teams.

Niko Account Executive

Niko enjoys to build relationships with customers and empowering them to be innovative leaders in their organization. He loves spending time with his wife, traveling, and being overly competitive at game nights!

Nick Sales Development Representative

Nick is a fervent customer advocate who always keeps the end goal in mind. He enjoys learning about what you want to achieve, and helping you find the right path to do so. When he's not working, he is learning something new.

Ty Solutions Architect

Ty has worked for many software startups over the decades including Tableau, Netopia, Socrata, Amperity and others. His solutions tend toward agility and reusability. When he’s not coding, you can find him farming in his backyard in Seattle.

Hyung Account Executive

With an engineering and business background, Hyung thrives in helping customers adopt emerging technologies for their businesses. When not working, he loves spending time with family and traveling to exotic places.

Hayden Solutions Consultant

Hayden uses creative problem solving to help customers surmount hurdles in the course of their app development. He holds a degree in philosophy from WWU. Outside the office, Hayden moonlights as a painter, writer, and robotic installation artist.

Daisy Chief Revenue Officer

Daisy is a passionate sales leader, focused on accelerating the growth of individuals and the success of customers. She loves data and all the possibilities it holds for solving problems. You can find her traveling the world, enjoying the Seattle restaurant scene and watching Liverpool games.

Internal Support Team

Bo Chief Support Officer

Bo's playful growls may be mistaken as aggressive, but he is an absolute sweetheart.

Mishka VP of Food

Mishka is a shy little thing who will prance to you..only if you have food.

Archer VP of Fetch

Archer is an energetic Mini-Aussie who enjoys walks and never-ending games of fetch!

Otto Ambassador for Puppy Relations

The youngest in the pack, Otto advocates for puppy visibility with a focus on ear scratches, nipping forgiveness policies, and treats.

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